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Fishing with Beavis

Fishing with Beavis was created in September of 1996. This was the very first webpage that Jelloboy created. It was named a Interactive Web Game Yahoo! and has received many awards. Visit this page and allow the Lord Jesus Christ to Guide you through successfully.



Stomp the Chicken

Stomp the Chicken was the first creation that was a combined effort of Jelloboy and Discomaker, it gave users the choice to either Save or Stomp this Virtual Chicken. Jelloboy discovered the joy of hatemail when hundreds of people started emailing Jelloboy saying that they where offended by the Stomping of this Virtual Chicken. Jelloboy also discovered that most people are really stupid.



The Skillet

The Skillet was created in July of 1997 and went on to become the most acclaimed webpage ever created by Jelloboy. It was among others a Yahoo! Site of the Week, a Useless Webpage of the Week, and a Cool Site of the Day. Visit this page to see what all the fuss is about.


The True Story of Easter

Many people see these sweet looking bunnies and believe that they are just cute little harmless creatures. Well anyone that has visited enough pages know that this just isn't true. The Bunnies first appeared in the True Story of Easter, however they have repeatedly showed up on various pages unexpectedly. I would strongly suggest that if anyone comes across these bunnies someone that they leave right away.



All Nude Teen Stick Figures

This is by far the most controversial page ever created by Jelloboy. In the process of showing Teen Stick Figures in the buff Jelloboy has broken all the rules of decent that are respected by society. You will never look at stick figures the same!


furby_picture_1.jpg (10704 bytes)

Stomp Furby

Following on the heals of Stomp the Chicken, Stomp Furby gives you the chance Stomp or save this little devil. Also be sure to visit the hatemail page, it has over 400 actual letters from people just like you (or maybe not).


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