Here is your Horoscope from Akhbar The Camel

Conditions are excellent today for bombing. Staying cooped up in a little tiny office building and doing repetitive, boring tasks is not among the things to do today as it may be your last. If that's what you are involved with, perhaps you need to start giving your life some serious thought. Today is also a good time to launch a attack on Israel. If you're an Iraqi, odds are good that you're a self-starter, and very creative, too. Try camouflaging your house so the missiles will not hit it. Your camel can get kind of nasty when you haven't bathed it, so you really should give it a bath since it may be your only transportation and it makes it a lot easier on you and on everybody around you. If you don't have enough weapons to get the one you want, you're not very smart.

Also, today may be a good day to use your vacation days if you work at a Iraqi Chemical Warhead Plant. Avoid taking that family vacation to Saddam's  Magic Pleasure Palace.

Your Lucky Numbers are 666
Your Lucky phrase is 'Duck and Cover'

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