Stomp the Chicken
The Hate Mail

This page is for all of the AOL People out there that actually fell emotional enough after seeing this page to write mail, to it's author Jelloboy. But instead of having just a boring Hate Mail page, I thought it better if I made it interactive. So, starting with the first one, here we go.

Letter One.

what the hell is this?  Stomp the chicken?  Club the seal?  GET A FREAKING
LIFE, LOSER!  - From

What do your do now, this is your first Hate Mail.

- Send hate mail back
- Send a letter that your sorry and will take down the page.
- Respond that this page was created because it was your dying brothers last wish.

Letter Two.

are you just that sick and twisted that you have to further the torture of
animals.  yeah sure it may just be a web site and it is all just a joke.  the
only problem is that these animals go through enough torture everyday that
they do not need to experience anymore.  give the animals a break.  maybe you
should just think about what it is like to be stuck in a tiny cage with ten
other chickens, to have no room to move around and to have your beak broken
off so that you will not fight with your cell mates.  sounds fun?  or just
imagine being a baby chicken(male) and being part of the surplus so you are
thrown into a meat grinder for slim jims.  just think about how sick, cruel,
demented and inhumane your page is. 

                                                daniel at

OK, what now Captain?

- Send hate mail back
- Send a letter that your sorry and will take down the page.
- Respond with a completely physco letter saying that your out to kill all small animals and then send a heart felt intelligently written letter that makes REAL points.

Letter Three.

While your humor may be tongue-in-cheek, it suggests a person with a
super-low self esteem.

Why not add a stomp your head picture -- a photo if possible so those of us
who think you're a head case can stomp on you or fry YOU.  Better still,
letus know who and where you are so we can come stomp your ass in person.
 Will even give you the first punch, pal, cause for my part of it, I'm not
going to be sued for assault.

As the man said, make my day -- punk.

OK, this guy is really asking for something to happen.

- Send a letter that your sorry and will take down the page.
- Send back Hate mail to the user to write more hate mail then respond to ABUSE@AOL.COM and report the offense and ask that his account be taken away.

Here's some others that just weren't eye catching enough to respond to. Better luck next time.

you are really sick

Stomp the Chicken and Club the Seal are sick, sick, sick!!!!!

And that's it folks, that's all the Hate mail that Stomp the Chicken has created. And there all AOL users.

If your a AOL user and would like to send hatemail about this page,  please respond at this address.

Thank You.