So, you chose to Fry the Human Hand.

Oh wow! This pan isn't hot at all.*


A real skillet that is able to melt a Generic K-mart Gumby is actually not safe to touch. The idea of stating that the pan is acually not hot is not that of Jelloboy. That idea came from Discomaker. I will not field complaints that your child burned themselfs touching a hot skillet. Please forward all complaints about this issue to Discomaker. Jelloboy nor Jelloboy Enterprizes nor Jelloboys Toilet Suppiles nor Jelloboys Nude Summercamp will be held liable. Damnit. Damn, your still reading. You must have good eyes. I really don't have much else to say. Well, I could say Butt. Yeah, Butt. How about weiner and poop. Did you know the best thoughts come from your weiner, except for chicks anyway. Anyone got a beer? Please email me if you got a beer that you could email me. If any beer companys are reading this, I'll give you a big pimpin banner if you send me a case of beer. Are any of you Canadians reading this, eh? Have you ever seen a Mexician-Candian? Why not? I don't care. Stop reading this nutsack. Proably the only person that has read this far is Discomaker. This whole section is dedicated to Discomaker. Look for his very own Useless Web Page soon. Well, goodnight. Bye Bye. Dont forget to visit Beavis and Buutheads Superfly Pimpin Dukes of Hazard Page. Coming Soon. Maybe. Prices may vary. 7.9% the first year. 12.8 for the next 12 Months. Please see store for details. Your a Butt-Monkey. Heres a list of all the personal Web pages I've ever did. Some are no longer up. Here's there name in order. 1. Redneck Surprize 2. Fishing with Beavis 3. Fanatasy Date with Butt-Head 4. Butt-Heads Superfly Pimpin Dukes of Hazard Page 5. John Chiltons' Homepage 6. Susane Hills' Homepage 7. Beavis and Butt-Heads Superfly Pimin Dukes of Hazard Page 8. Mistress Sabrina's Homepage 9. Virtual Taco Bell 10. The Skillet Page. WOW, thats alot, eh senoir? Camel me loco wavo, bitch! Look for new and improved stuff coming from Jelloboy. Also you may have noticed that Discomakers' name is blinking and in bold. This was at his request. Thank You.