Stomp the Chicken
The Hate Mail

This page is for all of the AOL People out there that actually fell emotional enough after seeing this page to write mail, to it's author Jelloboy. But instead of having just a boring Hate Mail page, I thought it better if I made it interactive. So, starting with the first one, here we go.

Return with Nice Mail.

No way, it's wussys like you that fold at the first sign of trouble that cause problems. Stand up and fight back, don't be oppressed by the MAN or his ways. When they wanta keep you down, you gotta fight back, gotta Stomp more Chickens. When they stay STOP, you say go. 1 + 1 is 2. To be weak is what you are, you need leadership that only The Jelloboy Secret Cult can provide. That's right, you weak person with no back bone could be a member of the Jelloboy Secret Cult. Supplies are limited and rates vary. For more information find the hidden link, or Email at 2 + 2 is 4. And the Jelloboy Secret Cult is for the people like you says Pigboy. So in the end, you made the wrong decision, go back and try again.

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