Stomp the Chicken
The Hate Mail

This page is for all of the AOL People out there that actually fell emotional enough after seeing this page to write mail, to it's author Jelloboy. But instead of having just a boring Hate Mail page, I thought it better if I made it interactive. So, starting with the first one, here we go.

Letter Three.

WOW, you think like Jelloboy. This is the actual response Jelloboy sent back.

First, this guy is a real prick. Jelloboy will have to put the smack down, so be sure to follow all the way to the end of the story.

Here's the response to the first letter. Included to make it easier to follow is the original letter.

Alright you fa**ot b**ch. How about I kick you in your nads then stomp
you in the face a**hole. wrote:

> While your humor may be tongue-in-cheek, it suggests a person with a
> super-low self esteem.
> Why not add a stomp your head picture -- a photo if possible so those
> of us
> who think you're a head case can stomp on you or fry YOU.  Better
> still,
> letus know who and where you are so we can come stomp your ass in
> person.
>  Will even give you the first punch, pal, cause for my part of it, I'm
> not
> going to be sued for assault.
> As the man said, make my day -- punk.

I know, your saying that wasn't very nice. But there is a purpose behind this, read the second response and return mail.

My b**ls are in your mom, thats where Im at. I'm doing your mom b**ch.
Come on over so I can slap your fa**ot a** around. Stupid fa**ot AOL
user. wrote:

> Come on wimp, let's have your home address.  You're pretty tough
> talkin on
> the screen.  Let's see how tough you really are.  You wanna kick MY
> ass?
>  Told ya wimp, I'm gonna give you first shot.  If you ain't no closet
> queer,
> you'll give your address -- I'm callin ya wimp.  Where's your balls.

Well your saying, this is just a flaming contest. Well no, watch what happens next, here's his response to this last letter.

Just what I figured.  You're nothing but a big mouth wimp coward.

I'm gonna let users know  Mr. Big Shot Jellobelly is a coward and not worth
messing with.

You lose -- loser.  You're smart though cause I'd wipe my ass with you.  If
you ever get any guts, wimp, drop me your address otherwise, don't waste my
time.  I can't be bothered with scum.  Drop me your mama's address also.  If
she ain't bad lookin she may dig some black dick.

Ok, that's now the third letter, time to move. Now comes the Patented Jelloboy Response.

Hi AOL, I would like to report this person for their constant spaming of
my email and making threats to myself. I have attempted several times to
warn that I would do this if this abuse continued, however this person
still fells the need to threaten myself. I believe this to be a very
serious manner and I hope that you will take actions to prevent this

Thank You,

Below is a copy of this persons latest message.


That's right, if nothing else this page should have thought you that you should mess with peoples minds because it's fun. In this case, I made the person even madder with every response, then at there peak of anger reported them to and made sure to carbon copy it to the user also. So well done I say. And in the end, why write hate mail to a page like this where the person at the other end doesn't care. Do you really think you can make a difference, do you really think that you could bring up something that would change the mind of Jelloboy? Well, "Get the answers-".

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