Stomp the Chicken
The Hate Mail

This page is for all of the AOL People out there that actually fell emotional enough after seeing this page to write mail, to it's author Jelloboy. But instead of having just a boring Hate Mail page, I thought it better if I made it interactive. So, starting with the first one, here we go.

Letter Two.

WOW, you think like Jelloboy. This is the actual response Jelloboy sent back.

First the Psycho Letter, as written by Jelloboy.

I hate animals, if I could do more to see them die I would. I like to go
down to the Chicken FActory and watch as they cut off there heads and
there dead bloody bodies fly around the roof. And also my web page is
not a joke, it is the starting of a Animal Torture Movement. Kill
Animals is my message, kill them my any means possible and torture them
if possible. Animals are weak and must die, only the strong will live.

Now, the second letter, as written by Discomaker (It's long, but well worth it).

   As I recall, I had a little something to do with the creation of the
Stomp The Chicken page (if only coming up with the wholly-appropriate
title); being very much a believer in the sanctity of animal life I
resent Daniel's allegations.

    Contrary to his first impression, we are not a bunch of raving
vivisectionists that go around stomping on tiny creatures for fun.  In
fact, this page is a statement not of the authors but of the audience,
as they are the ones who determine the outcome of this page.

    If someone is dreadfully against the STOMPing of chickens, then I
would assume that they would choose the alternative (saving the
chicken), which teaches us that even small, cute, harmless looking
animals often have diseases that could hurt humans, and even the tiniest
creature will behave in a dangerously violent manner when provoked.  The
only people that would even dream of choosing to STOMP the chicken would
be those who are somehow devoid of any compassion and are obviously
unaware of the carnage that takes place just to put food like this on
our plates.

    True, we humans -- animals ourselves -- must live, and we are in
fact omnivores, so to kill other animals in order to extend our own
lives does not contradict the ways of nature.  What DOES is the fact
that people like Daniel apparently go to a page that gives them an
option to step-on a poor baby chicken (what else could he have thought
the option to "Stomp The Chicken" would have led to?).  After choosing
that option to satisfy their carnivorous sense of morbid curiousity,
they are so overwhelmed with guilt that they must condemn - not their
own behaviour - but the tool with which they caused their own fall from

    It is my belief that this page can, and does, serve a twofold
purpose.  One is that it provides an outlet to "virtually" satisfy the
appetite of those troubled individuals who are unable to resist their
unhealthy urges to squish baby animals.  My other hope is that this page
will give people some idea of exactly how gruesome and inhumane is the
commercialized murder of animals.  In nineteenth century France, the
public's massive appetite for watching the demented and inhumane public
executions via Gillotine finally waned only once it was demonstrated
that the procedure was not exactly painless and humane.  It is through
this same frank and honest delivery of our message that I hope to help
stop the torture that animals already go through every

    In closing, I would only like to say that Slim-Jims (like most
beef-jerky) are made out of cows, and everyone knows cow brains are too
primitive to produce an emotive response to pain, so I'm not really
concerned about their slaughter.  Besides, Slim-Jims are yummy and go
really well with fried pork skin (salted, but unflavored. MSG is so
terribly unhealthy).


Here's there response.

please do not forget the fact that you your self are considered an animal.
 it's nice to see that in a world that is as crazy as this one there still
manages to be someone who stands out on top as the perfect psychopath.  :-)


Here's a great way to confuse people. First send the Pyscho letter by it's self, then later, like a day letter send the nicer letter. This is a great source of entainment and certain way to generate more responses. By the way, if you didn't know Discomaker is Head of Public Relations for

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